Django React Admin

Full featured Django Admin build on React. Communication based on API and Websocket.


Django Admin is really good for fast provisioning and developing stuff but is user unfriendly. Are there some libraries such as Material Admin or Suit or Oscar Store Dashboard. We want user friendly admin with live communication, desktop version and other cool things.


  • React based means stack with Redux, Este.js..
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Django websocket (waiting for upstream community) - django-channels, ..

Get inspiration from



  • Generic API for all model entities with abillity to changes serializers (global leonardo router).
  • Stack and simple PoC for Pages and Widgets, optionaly for Blog Entries.
  • Electron wrapper for desktops


  • Websocket as Secondary communication / HTTP2 Push
  • Blog entries
  • News
  • Store admin
  • ...


For first PoC(1) we have 600$ which was calculated from 50 - 70 hours with 8 / h. Next step has unlimited resources.


  • Leonardo CMS - FeinCMS - Django - Python
  • Rest Framework with JSON API standard and Token Auth
  • Nginx


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