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How to change the default header/footer in Odoo 8 PDF reports

You probably already know that you can customise the default Odoo header/footer by changing the Company settings. However when you create a PDF report such as a sale, quote or invoice you will find the header/footer remains unchanged.

The issue is that Quote/Sale orders do not use the Company-level report header/footer configuration.

To edit the header and footer for Quote/Sale orders you need to edit the QWeb view. Here is how to do this:

(1) Settings > Technical > User Interface > Views
(2) Search for “external”
(3) You will see

  1. report_invoice_document
  2. report.external_layout
  3. report.external_layout_header
  4. report.external_layout_footer

(4) Edit these views as appropriate to modify the PDF version of the Quote/Sales orders

Maybe this is obvious to others, but I couldn’t find any documentation explaining how this works.